We delivered the Social Enterprise in Schools pilot program over a 12 month period from August 2015 to December 2016. 13 schools across North East Victoria participated, successfully engaging over 450 primary and secondary students and 120 business leaders from the region. As part of the pilot program we also:

  • Delivered the suite of Social Enterprise Academy learning and development programs to Australia.
  • Successfully piloted the Social Enterprise in Schools program in Victoria’s North East and conducted an independent evaluation of the program
  • Created communities of practice to bring government, business, education providers and the community together to encourage entrepreneurship and social enterprise in rural communities.


Social Enterprise in Schools pilot program provided an opportunity for an independent evaluation to take place over a 12-month period with the key findings demonstrating the positive outcomes of the program.

Six schools that participated in the program during 2016 were chosen for the evaluation, representing a diversity of contexts. Teachers, principals and students were also invited to participate. Staff from both ACRE and the Social Enterprise Academy also participated in the evaluation.

The results of the Evaluation have been now been released and a copy of the full Evaluation Report can be found below:


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