The Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) is a for-purpose organisation that exists to build a thriving rural Australia through igniting entrepreneurship in young people and their communities.

ACRE is informed by international best practice in rural community rejuvenation and has been applying these principles and programs in Victoria since 2013.


Old Beechworth Gaol

ACRE continues to lead the rejuvenation of the Old Beechworth Goal.

The site was purchased with to a vision to create a vibrant precinct for the social, cultural and economic benefit of the region and a centre of excellence for rejuvenating rural communities across Australia.

The Gaol is becoming a vibrant precinct and is home to many businesses and social enterprises including Breakout Coworking, the Breakout Accelerator, the Old Beechworth Gaol Tours & Cafe, Hallidays Solicitors, Taste Trekkers and Beechworth Cyclery.

2019 is bringing further investment, new initiatives and many community events to the Old Gaol.

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ACRE operates the Social Enterprise Academy in Australia through a social license agreement. 

Founded in Scotland, the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) is a world-renowned learning organisation which has now expanded into nine countries. Its helps people use their personal strengths to build sustainable enterprises and achieve greater social impact as well as educating the next generation.

The Social Enterprise Academy Australia delivers learning and development programs with a focus on learning by doing. The programs are flexible, practical and responsive to the needs of communities and are suitable for a range of learners, from disengaged young people through to community organisations CEO’s.

To date, ACRE has worked with over 3000 students and over 60 schools across Australia to deliver the Social Enterprise Schools.

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To date, over 120 business, community and government leaders have completed accredited training to build an enabling environment for entrepreneurship in rural communities.

Over 1500 people have participated in workshops  and presentations on social enterprise, rural entrepreneurship and rejuvenation.

Over 3000 students from primary, secondary, TAFE and alternative education settings have been participated in the Social Enterprise Schools.

Social Enterprise Schools Guide 2019


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