12 October 2023 Mary Anne Scully

A new action manifesto for rural social enterprise

ACRE releases rural manifesto at international social enterprise conference

ACRE today released an action manifesto for rural social enterprise at Social Enterprise World Forum 2023 in Amsterdam. ‘Unlocking the power of rural‘ explores a number of universal issues and opportunities and identifies critical ingredients for accelerating community-led rejuvenation in a rural setting. Download the Rural Gathering Manifesto

The manifesto incorporates insights shared by more than 120 social enterprise founders, policy makers and impact investors from rural and remote Australia, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and India who joined the 2022 Social Enterprise World Forum Rural Gathering hosted by ACRE.

ACRE CEO, Matt Pfahlert said the manifesto represents a starting point for articulating and advocating for some universal themes and principles relevant to working with rural communities.

“By learning from and actively supporting each other, social enterprise practitioners, impact investors and government can advance the policy and practice for rejuvenating rural communities.”

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Mary-Anne Scully (Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) was joined by
The panel members explored features and needs of rural social enterprise, recognising that rural models are similar around the world, yet are very different and distinct from urban enterprise models. This session also examined global collaboration to advance the Rural Social Enterprise Manifesto developed in partnership with SEWF in 2022.