ACRE Initiatives

Change in action. We don’t just talk about reversing rural decline, we’re doing it!

Old Beechworth Gaol

In 2016 ACRE led the community buyback of the Old Beechworth Gaol through a consortium of local investment and philanthropic support.

The site is fast becoming a vibrant precinct for the social, cultural and economic benefit of the region and a Centre of Excellence for rejuvenating rural communities across Australia.

The Old Beechworth Gaol is a demonstration site for rural entrepreneurship and community asset ownership. It is a vibrant precinct for the social, cultural and economic benefit of the region. The site is a base for a diverse range of innovative businesses and visitor experiences.

Breakout Accelerator

ACRE partnered with SecondMuse, a global innovation agency, to develop the Breakout Accelerator as a dedicated program for rural innovators. It’s a new way of connecting rural creativity and drive with the power and reach of international networks, experience and expertise.

Through the Breakout Accelerator, a new generation of rural businesses are being coached, mentored and connected to national and global networks to drive their ideas forward whilst staying in the communities they love.

We’re providing access to resources, infrastructure and networks to accelerate entry into international markets.

View a video about the Breakout Accelerator and download The Journey Continues, a report about the impact of the program.

Breakout Co-Working

Located at one of Australia’s most iconic and historical building, this co-working space provides an interactive work environment for freelancers, small firms, home-based businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to work in a connected and flexible environment.

Operated by ACRE on site at the Old Beechworth Gaol, it offers a productive, flexible and fun environment, and has a strong focus on supporting young people with business ideas. Breakout is a place to share knowledge, collaborate and support new ideas in a ‘community within a community’.

Typo Station

ACRE is committed to the original purpose of the site as a venue for youth development. We see a unique opportunity to develop enterprise capabilities in an accelerated way through partnering with industry groups looking for staff who possess future work skills like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and leadership.

Proceeds from TYPO accommodation packages help fund ACRE’s core activity of embedding entrepreneurship in rural communities across Australia.

Contact us to enquire about making a booking at Typo Station.


ACRE is proud to be part of Social Enterprise Network Victoria (SENVIC) which is building a connected community of social enterprises, facilitating access to learning and development opportunities, and increasing the voice and influence of social enterprise across Victoria.

The Victorian Government provided $1.47 million towards the establishment of the Social Enterprise Network Victoria (SENVIC) which is being delivered as a partnership between CERES, ACRE and Social Traders.

As identified in the Social Enterprise Strategy in 2017, the Victorian Social Enterprise Network will work to achieve an inclusive and sustainable society by supporting a thriving social enterprise sector. It will better connect the social enterprise community in metropolitan and regional Victoria and enable access to learning, knowledge exchange and development opportunities.