27 August 2021 Mary Anne Scully

ACRE heading west to join speakers at SEGRA2021

ACRE CEO and Co-founder, Mr Matt Pfahlert, will lead a session about community led rejuvenation at the SEGRA2021 conference being held in Kalgoorlie-Boulder WA from 16-18 November.

SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia) seeks to provide end to end value to regional Australia using a systems approach to:

  • Raise the profile of regions as essential parts of Australia’s national outlook.
  • Empower regions to be responsible for their own destinies.
  • Identify ideas, regional issues and opportunities.
  • Influence policy by encouraging evidence based responses and supporting practicebased research and projects.
  • Promote regional connectivity.

The SEGRA conference, established in 1997, provides a unique opportunity for all sections of the Australian community (rural and urban) to explore the key issues affecting regional, rural and remote Australia and be part of providing positive sustainable outcomes to ensure future prosperity.

Mr Pfahlert said he was looking forward to contributing to such a prestigious national conference session.

“ACRE unlocks the power of social enterprise and entrepreneurship to create opportunities and solve local issues,” said Matt.

“It’s an honour to be invited to join a facilitated discussion focussed on the theme of entrepreneurship, startups and innovation.

A recognised leader in rural entrepreneurship and community-led rejuvenation, ACRE is a rapidly growing social enterprise that is working in more than 30 communities across Australia.

Mr Pfahlert will share insights and examples of ways that community-led entrepreneurial action can drive rejuvenation, drawing on the experience of working in more than 30 communities across Australia.

“ I’m particularly looking forward to hearing what approaches are being used by business, government and community leaders to unearth, diversify and adapt.”

Registrations for the SEGRA 2021 conference are now open. More details here: