4 February 2022 Mary Anne Scully

ACRE welcomes new of auDA Foundation 2021 Grant

New online marketplace a boost for Social Enterprise Schools

In an exciting development for Social Enterprise Schools, young people will be able to generate profits for purpose via an online marketplace.

Generous funding support from the auDA Foundation will support development of a new, digital trading platform to complement the national scaling of Social Enterprise Schools.

Key points

  • Social Enterprise Schools is a student led, hands-on program that empowers young people across the globe to make a difference to causes they care about through running their own social enterprise.
  • Trading is a key element of the program.
  • As part of Social Enterprise Schools, students are asked what positive difference they would like to make in the world.  They then design, develop and launch a business and begin to trade to their community and all their profits are donated to their chosen charity.

The auDA Foundation recently announced awarding of grants to 15 organisations for education and research initiatives that will enhance the utility of the internet for Australians across three key areas. ACRE is honoured to one of the 2021 grant recipients.

ACRE will utilise the grant to develop and test the online marketplace platform with schools who are part of the Social Enterprise Schools program.

In 2016 ACRE worked with Social Enterprise Academy to develop and establish Social Enterprise Schools in Australia. Since then, approximately 4,000 students from primary, secondary and alternative learning education settings from Victoria, NSW and South Australia have joined the program. More than 1,000 student led social enterprises have been created and 172 teachers and educators have been supported via Professional Development sessions.

The auDA Foundation promotes and encourages education and research initiatives that will enhance the utility of the internet for the benefit of the Australian community.

See the auDA announcement and full list of recipients here.

Like to know more?

Please contact Tom Collcott, Social Enterprise Schools Learning Coordinator, if you’d like to join Social Enterprise Schools or learn more about new online market place.