Advice & Support

As part of our service offer we provide advice and support through:

Mentoring and Coaching
ACRE connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experts or coaches with experience or expertise in relevant subject matters.

Creation of co-working hubs
ACRE provides advice and support for organisation’s or individuals considering the creation of co-working hubs in their community.

Social investment/financial brokerage
ACRE creates networks for entrepreneurs to connect with potential social investment or finance partners

Social procurement models
ACRE provides advice and support to individual, groups or communities seeking to understand different social procurement models.

Investment readiness assessment
ACRE provides advice and support for entrepreneurs preparing to seek investment for their enterprises.

Community Asset acquisition
ACRE provides advice and support for individuals or groups in social asset acquisitions such as property

Many thanks for taking the time to speak to us about key initial steps for investigating the establishment of a social enterprise.  Your insights were vital for us ensuring we begin this journey heading in the right direction. Our 20 minute conversation saved us months of researching and potential head scratching on whether we were headed in the right direction. For a CEO and board member of a NFP provider of essential youth services and support, your willingness to share knowledge and give critical advice was greatly appreciated.

We look forward to using your advice to guide our planning for what will be an important and exciting phase in the evolution of NESAY.

Endorsement from Simon Crase, NESAY

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