26 February 2024 Jamie Meyer

AMP Foundation backs Social Enterprise Schools to empower rural youth Australia-wide

The Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) and the AMP Foundation are thrilled to announce their partnership to expand the Social Enterprise Schools program nationwide.

ACRE had the privilege of hosting Nicola Stokes, General Manager, and Lucy Watson, Tomorrow Makers Program Manager, at ACRE’s headquarters in the Old Beechworth Gaol recently. The event was graced by former students of the Social Enterprise School program from Wooragee Primary, who gathered to commemorate the exciting announcement.

AMP Foundation is one of Australia’s largest, independently funded corporate foundations. Nicola Stokes shared “We’re proud to be partnering with ACRE to provide $2.5 million over five years so that many more schools can be involved, and many more children with creative ideas, energy and innovation can make a positive difference in the communities that they live and hopefully work in the future.”

ACRE Co-Founder and CEO Matt Pfahlert said “It’s been a joy to realise the number of goals and synergies we share with AMP Foundation in our efforts to empower young people and foster enterprising futures throughout Australia.”

“The Social Enterprise Schools program that ACRE runs is part of an international collaboration with six countries. Expanding across the country means that young people in rural Australia and beyond, will get a chance to learn the mindset, skills and behaviours, so that in the future they can see themselves as not only seeking a job, but creating their own job. This is vitally important in rural areas so they can have great and fulfilling lives.”

“I’d really like to thank the AMP Foundation – Nicola their General Manager and Lucy their Tomorrow Makers Program Manager, who have been incredible in understanding the vision we have for Social Enterprise Schools. We’re so thrilled and we can’t thank them enough for their contribution to what we think is going to be an incredible partnership and make the lives of many more young people from right across Australia, a really fulfilling one” Matt said.

Nicola also recognised Wooragee Primary School and Social Enterprise Schools lead teacher Jess Marshall, “I’d also like to thank the school and Jess for being visionary enough to take on this program and understanding the skills and the opportunity that you give young people. It is great to see how North East Victoria has embraced social enterprise as a really important mechanism to build sustainable economies where people don’t have to leave the place they grew up and love just to get a job, they can actually create a job and environment and economy within their own communities.”