23 February 2020 Jerun Terlaak

Beyond Recovery Forum Beechworth

When you’re under pressure, it’s tempting to go faster and harder. But often, that’s when you most need to pause and connect with others.

Hats off to a great group of people drawn from government, philanthropy and business who made time earlier this week to join a ‘beyond recovery’ forum hosted by ACRE at Old Beechworth Gaol. Many of these leaders are seeking new approaches and solutions so they can support communities who want to move beyond immediate fire recovery to become thriving places in the future.

The incredible Gerry Higgins shared information and inspiration about world-leading approaches being used to rejuvenate rural and remote communities in Scotland, Cathy McGowan reinforced the value of home-grown community solutions, and the ACRE shared updates about ways we are working to reverse rural decline. We all have a role to play in community-led rejuvenation. So, get in contact with ACRE if you’d like to discuss ideas for your rural community. We’re here for the long haul and we’re happy to connect you into resources and people to support you on your journey.