8 March 2023 Mary Anne Scully

Community-led rejuvenation up and running in Mallacoota

How can a rural community build a new future in the wake of disaster or find a way beyond entrenched and grinding disadvantage? The answer lies within.

The coastal community of Mallacoota in Victoria is determined to shift the dial, especially for future generations.

Back in 2020 a group of people from the Mallacoota community contacted ACRE seeking guidance. After the devastation of bushfire and prolonged decline of traditional industries, locals wanted to find a way to create and lead a new economy that could be agile, resilient, inclusive and enterprising in the future. ACRE unlocks the power of social enterprise and entrepreneurship to solve local issues and create new opportunities in rural communities, so we started working and exploring together. 

After a three year journey the local group is now the Wilderness Collective.

This week signals a new phase of community-led rejuvenation in Mallacoota, with the start of an 18 month entrepreneurial education and development program hosted by The Wilderness Collective and delivered by ACRE and Social Enterprise Academy, our global learning and development partner,

The Mallacoota program commenced with a Social Enterprise Schools program for primary and secondary students, followed by education workshops for the broader community to demystify entrepreneurship and build greater understanding of social enterprise business models.

An incredible range of cross sector leaders and organisations are backing this inspiring initiative.

Thanks to East Gippsland Community Foundation, East Gippsland Shire, and the Victorian Government’s Emergency Recovery Victoria local economic recovery grant program for enabling community-led rejuvenation in Mallacoota.