28 May 2021 Mary Anne Scully

Discovering a ‘dragon’s den’ in Egypt

  • Social Enterprise Academy Australia is managed by the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE).

Congratulations to our colleagues at Social Enterprise Academy Egypt who are also building enterprise skills in the next generation.

After six years of leading up Social Enterprise Schools in Australia, Peter Sacco (Director of Programs with ACRE and Social Enterprise Academy Australia) was recently invited to join a virtual ‘Dragons Den’ with high school students from Egypt.

In this friendly pitching event hosted by Social Enterprise Academy Egypt, high school students showcased social enterprises they are developing and received feedback and tips from an international judging panel that comprised entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs.

Congrats from ‘down under’ to the Egyptian students who passionately presented diverse enterprise concepts to address social causes that matter to them – ranging from how to be COVID safe, through to equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

With overseas travel not curently possible, Peter Sacco enjoyed the experience of virtually joining an international judging panel that comprised entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs and was super inspired by the social enterprise concepts presented by students.

” My first visit to Egypt – it was a lot of fun and very inspiring’ said Peter Sacco.

“Young people all over the world are so passionate about making a difference in their local communities. It’s great to part of an international network of Academy hubs that offer learning and development for people and organisations that want to create social change.

Thanks to my Egyptian colleagues Heba and Aisha at #SEA Egypt hub for inviting me to take part in their inaugural Social Enterprise Schools dragons den.”

Founded in Scotland, the Social Enterprise Academy provides learning and development for individuals, organisations and young people who are interested in social enterprise and leadership. Its vision is a society which combines economic activity with community benefit, led by dynamic social entrepreneurs wherever they are located.

The Academy started delivering adult programs in Scotland in 2004, introduced a social enterprise program for schools in 2008, and expanded to offer international programs in 2011. Australia is one of these international hubs, and ACRE manages the Social Enterprise Academy in Australia.