Digital Maker Week October 2017

Beechworth’s inaugural Digital Maker Week was a great way to engage our young people and help foster our next generation of digital creators. With over 150 local students coming through the gates of the Old Beechworth Gaol we were able to immerse each one of them in a hands-on digital experience.

In partnership with leading digital educator, Tim Gentle, we helped build the digital skills, knowledge and confidence of young people in our community and helped empower them to harness the potential of the Digital world.

According to research, nothing activates a child’s brain like making and play. And, if given the opportunity, children will gravitate toward play that builds STEM skills. By building digital confidence and skills through education, experiences & entertainment we can increase digital capacity, confidence and skills.

We hope these students’ stories and videos give you a sense of what our students really enjoyed about the sessions.

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