3 August 2021 Mary Anne Scully

Exploring social enterprise with Australia’s veteran community

Many veteran and Australian Defence Force (ADF) partners are establishing enterprises that are purpose-driven, and designed to make a difference. These entrepreneurs are making incredible contributions to Australia by continuing to serve the community, even after service.

As the manager of Social Enterprise Academy Australia, we were honoured to join a panel discussion today with veterans as part of an ongoing enterprise series hosted by Prince’s Trust Australia.

Peter Sacco (Social Enterprise Academy Australia) and Louisa Kirk (Wake By Reach) explored a range of topics and questions with Australian veterans, including .

  • How well is social enterprise understood in Australia?
  • Are you a social entrepreneur?
  • The benefits and challenges of social enterprise.
  • Behind The Scenes: Councils, partnerships, grant funding and more!

Like Social Enterprise Academy Australia, Prince’s Trust Australia is also part of a wider global network that is supporting change makers.

Despite the many challenges presented by the pandemic, the Trust supported more than 60,000 young people around the world through education, employment, enterprise and environmental programmes.  In Australia, Prince’s Trust helped 2,243 people.