25 September 2020 Mary Anne Scully

International social enterprise award for tiny Victorian school

A tiny Victorian primary school’s social enterprise program is continuing to reach new heights.

With an enrolment of 21 students, the Myrrhee Primary School in the King Valley region of North East Victoria proudly identifies as being ‘small’.

Yet, this week Myrrhee Primary School was showcased on the world stage alongside schools from Scotland, Malawi and England.

The school received a Social Enterprise in Education World Forum 2020 Award in recognition of achievements towards the ‘Life on the land’ Sustainable Development Goal (No.15)

Myrrhee Primary School introduced social enterprise learning in 2015 when it joined Social Enterprise Schools, a program that ACRE developed in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy.

Social Enterprise Schools is a practical, student-led experience that develops citizenship and enterprise capabilities. Through the process of setting up their own social enterprise, students develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours they will need as they move beyond the school gates.

Myrrhee Primary School has embedded a social enterprise approach across the school, with students developing and running a range of social enterprises.

For example, Grade 5 and 6 students developed an aerial photography business, Country Drone Photography, that offers local rural farmers and vineyards aerial shots of their grounds. The project was fully developed by the pupils, including creating the business plan, learning how to fly the drones and marketing their idea to local potential customers.

Applications are now open for schools wishing to join Social Enterprise Schools in 2021. More details here.