The AVCLP & Fairley Leadership Alumni participated in Understanding Social Enterprise workshop on the 4th and 5th September 2015 as a part of ACRE’s Social Enterprise Academy Pilot program.

Participants took part in a field trip visiting social enterprises in operation across the north east of Victoria. They took part in a lively and engaging learning journey and delved into the stories of real life social entrepreneurs and debated with other learners about the nature of ethical business.

Learning Outcomes From the Workshop

  • Defined the values and purpose of a social enterprise to better understand where it sits in relation to the corporate and voluntary sector.
  • Explored the challenges of managing a triple bottom line to understand what issues you might face in developing and managing a social enterprise.
  • Examined the range of organisational and legal structure available to social enterprises to comprehend the variety of types of social enterprise.
  • Identified finance and support available to social enterprise to enable you to access further information for your own needs.
  • Discussed real life examples of social enterprise to deepen your understanding of the realities of setting up and running a social enterprise.
  • Planned for the development of your role in the sector to enable follow on from the learning program.

Participant feedback on their experience of the workshop

 “Very exciting to think of the possibilities for regional Australia if we look at things differently. “

“Great to work with your team. The idea will definitely grow. Be great to have expansion workshops.”

“We are not lectured, learning took place in an interactive way. Self learning. Great Group dynamics.”

“Philosophy of social enterprises clearer, potentials for starting one clearer, Excited about possibilities.”

“Better & stronger belief the SE are crucial to building stronger communities in regional & rural areas.”

Workshop Evaluation Results Summarised

Expectations – 20% exceeded (100% fully met or exceeded);

Experience – 50% excellent experience, 100% great or excellent

Recommendation) – 100%