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On the 2nd of September 2015, sixteen business and community leaders commenced a four day training program aimed at exploring the Social Enterprise Academy approach to learning.  Key objectives of the training program were to:

  • Share and experience activities in a ‘high support: high challenge’ learning environment
  • Deepen participants understanding of an approach to learning based on the learning cycle
  • Explore and practice non-directive and action learning approaches to facilitation
  • Identify connections and shared purpose around learning and development

The practitioner – led learning exchange was hugely successful, marking an exciting start to ACRE’s Social Enterprise Academy Pilot Program.

Participant feedback

“This program; what I have learnt and the people I’ve met have been a real gift. Thank you!”

“Consolidated my learning and understanding. Demonstrated a workable model that could be applied to the Australian setting.”

“The program methodology and style has exceeded the high expectation I already had of it. Incredible vehicle for engaging with more communities and moving whole communities along an entrepreneurial continuum.”

“I will move for being a ‘reluctant’ facilitator to a facilitator, who feels better prepared and informed. I pledge to develop my skills so I can contribute to organisations that want to make a positive impact on society.”

Participant evaluations from the training program summarised

Expectations –  82% exceeded (100% fully met or exceeded);

Experience – 100% excellent experience,

Recommendation – 100%