ACRE in partnership with the City of Wodonga will be delivering ‘The Future of Work and Our Next Generation’ presentations in June.

This presentation (to be held at three different times) will help you understand how social enterprise is supporting young people and preparing them for the future of work.

The presentation will focus on the current challenges facing young people in rural Victoria, the changing landscape of employment, the skills that young people need to prepare for the future of work and the role that social enterprise is playing to transform the next generation from ‘job seekers to job creators.

This is a great opportunity for representatives from the government, business, community and education sectors across Wodonga to understand how they can support their local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Crucial to the success of these approaches in the northern hemisphere has been the engagement of cross sector leaders developing an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to support the ideas of the next generation.

We also encourage young people and their families to come along and learn about the future employment landscape.

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