Students across north east Victoria are creating a new vision for the future. They are building, designing and delivering inspiring social enterprises that provide real solutions to community issues.

Over 200 students joined us in November to participate in the Mini Makers Market and to showcase their social enterprises – they have all participated in ACRE’s year-long Social Enterprise Schools initiative.

“A Social Enterprise is a business that trades to solve a need or issue in the community. It is truly inspiring to work with young people that are learning business skills for the future coupled with a desire to make their world a better place”, said Peter Sacco ACRE’s Social Enterprise Schools Program Manager.

The entrepreneurial vibe was infectious as young people traded in the Old Gaol Courtyard, selling their newly minted products and services.

The Marketplace was a wonderful celebration of youthful ingenuity, perseverance and creativity and supported by parents, teachers and the broader community.

The Social Enterprises led by the students included:

  • Old Gaol Historic Bushranger Tours led by students from St Joseph’s Primary School Beechworth
  • Myrrhee Junior Entrepreneurs and their aerial drone photography services from Myrrhee Primary School
  • Sustainable wax wraps and plants in hand-made composting pots from Beechworth Primary School
  • Beautifully branded products from Cathedral College Wangaratta including Cookies that Care, Sweet Treats for Dogs, Clean Slate Soaps and Beautiful Bath Bombs.
  • And much more!