On the 10 & 11 September 2015, community members from around the Alpine shire together with Alpine Shire staff participated in an ‘Understanding Social Enterprise’ workshop that was hosted by the Alpine Shire Council.  They got inspired about learning a new enterprising model that combines the best of business with clear and purposeful social aims. The workshop explored the social enterprise concept and various legal structures, the challenges they currently face, and what the future holds for this growing movement.

Social enterprises are becoming increasingly attractive as a way for organisations to sustainably generate income and deliver increased social impact within their communities.

Learning Outcomes From the Workshop

  • Defined the values and purpose of a social enterprise to better understand where it sits in relation to the corporate and voluntary sector.
  • Explored the challenges of managing a triple bottom line to understand what issues you might face in developing and managing a social enterprise.
  • Examined the range of organisational and legal structure available to social enterprises to comprehend the variety of types of social enterprise.
  • Identified finance and support available to social enterprise to enable you to access further information for your own needs.
  • Discussed real life examples of social enterprise to deepen your understanding of the realities of setting up and running a social enterprise.
  • Planned for the development of your role in the sector to enable follow on from the learning program.

Participant feedback

“I have a much greater understanding of what SE (Social Enterprise) is and the purposes it can serve. There is still a lot to learn but now at least I know that it is worthwhile pursuing further learning.”

“Linking with other like-minded people. Understanding where social enterprise fits in to the global arena.”

“It opened my eyes to opportunities of SE (Social Enterprise) and inspired me to look at my community ‘with a SE lens’.”

“I hope to continue to learn more about SE (Social Enterprise) with a view to implementing a SE project in our area.”

Workshop Evaluations summarised

Expectations -44% exceeded (100% fully met or exceeded);

Experience – 78% excellent experience, 100% great or excellent

Recommendation) – 100%