Cisco, a global IT and networking company with 70,000 employees across 90 countries has partnered with ACRE and the students of north east Victoria.

Cisco has developed an animated learning program called the Global Problem Solvers which promotes social entrepreneurship in the classroom. It has a global audience of Year 4 to 8 students. (

After learning of ACRE’s ground-breaking work in schools with the Social Enterprise Schools initiative, Cisco approached ACRE to collaborate. Social Enterprise Schools teaches students the business skills necessary to develop enterprises which solve social, cultural or environmental issues. Students create and run their own enterprises as part of the initiative.

ACRE’s lead education researcher, Dr Michelle Anderson is working with north east Victorian students to provide insights and feedback to Cisco’s Global Problem Solvers and how the series can be further enhanced for young people.

ACRE was invited by Cisco to the ISTE 19 Conference in Philadelphia in late June to share insights about Social Enterprise Schools and the collaboration with Global Problem Solvers.

ISTE (International Society for Education in Technology) is an education technology conference where educators come together to discover new ways to learn with technology. The annual conference attracts 16,000 delegates from 80 countries.