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Social Enterprise Institute

ACRE has partnered with the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI) enabling us to set up and operate SEI Australia.  

SEI is an on-line and on-demand learning and development platform for social entrepreneurs.
Originating out of Canada, SEI is created by internationally-recognised social enterprise coaches and experts.

With their extensive research and practical business experience they have established the successful world-class interactive course content.

SEI is designed for social entrepreneurs, founders and managers forming a global community to give the inspiration, knowledge and tools start-ups need to succeed and affect social change.
These on-line learning products are engaging, interactive and relevant to all social entrepreneurs regardless of the stage you are at on your journey.

A great place to start is the Learning Path; 8 Step to Startup which takes the user from Defining the Problem right through to Getting Ready for Take-off. These steps are designed to provide the confidence and knowledge to get started and develop a social enterprise.

With over 70 online courses, you can enrol today to get started on your social enterprise journey. These courses are designed just for you: short, to-the-point, created to solve problems and accessible online wherever you are.

Access the world’s largest collection of courses designed for social enterprises by clicking the link below.

What is Social Enterprise Institute (SEI)?

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