19 November 2020 Mary Anne Scully

Make 2021 the year to grow your social enterprise idea

Join a guided learning & coaching program

Would you like support and guidance to plan, build, and launch a successful social enterprise in your rural community?

Apply now to be part of a guided learning program called Steps to StartUp  – the next opportunity available through our Thriving Rural Futures program.

From March – May 2021 ACRE will offer up to 15 participants an opportunity to go on a journey of self-guided e-learning, backed up by virtual coaching sessions.

Over the course of 10 weeks, ACRE will work with you to establish goals and a vision for your social enterprise concept, and explore how you can apply what you learn to establish or develop a viable enterprise.

The Steps to StartUp program will include:

  • Virtually facilitated group planning session
  • Individual learning through eight Steps to Start Up e-modules
  • Three x 45 minute virtual group coaching sessions.Join with people from other rural communities to share insights and learnings, explore questions and identify actions to apply to social enterprise ideas
  • Weekly Open Door – an optional extra support where you can review your idea with a member of our team.

Download details here: Guided Steps to Start Up Apply NOW(1)

COST: NO cost to apply or participate in Steps to StartUp. The ‘Thriving Rural Futures’ program is fully funded & supported by the Victorian Government.