ACRE with Rural Councils Victoria is developing an entrepreneurial culture and ecosystem across the 38 Rural Council Victoria member councils.

It is through this project that Rural Councils Victoria has made a generational investment and is supporting a whole of community approach to transforming the mindset of young people and community leaders alike.

A whole of community approach will be developed by building an enabling environment for entrepreneurship  via the delivery of Understanding Social Enterprise workshops, designed and delivered by the Social Enterprise Academy Australia.

The Understanding Social Enterprise learning program is a practical 2 day experience that introduces learners to the objectives, values, purpose and practice of social enterprise. This facilitator led experience provides participants with the opportunity to learn about this new enterprising model that combines the best of business with clear and purposeful social aims. The workshop explores the social enterprise concept and a number of operating models, the challenges and opportunities inherent in the model, and what the future holds for this growing movement.

Social enterprises are becoming increasingly attractive and effective as a vehicle for organisations to sustainably generate income and deliver increased social impact within their communities.

Learning outcomes for participants include:

  • Defining the values and purpose of a social enterprise to better understand where it sits in relation to the corporate and voluntary sector
  • Explore the opportunities and drivers such as managing a triple bottom line to understand what issues you might face in developing and managing a social enterprise
  • Use tools and resources to help plan for and assess the potential of social enterprise ideas
  • Examine the range of organisational and legal structure available to social enterprises to comprehend the variety of types of social enterprise
  • Discuss real life examples of social enterprise to deepen peoples understanding of the realities of setting up and running a social enterprise
  • Explore the ongoing role that they may have in the sector to enable follow on from the learning program.


So far 8 workshops have been delivered across Victoria, with outstanding results from the evaluation surveys. To hear what participants have to say check out the evaluation reports from each workshops below: