Understanding Social Enterprise Workshops

Understanding Social Enterprise is a 2 day program (delivered through Social Enterprise Academy Australia) and will introduce you to the values and purpose of social enterprise, organisational and legal structures for social enterprise, and finance and support for social enterprise.

As participant of this program you will take part in a lively and engaging learning journey and delve into the stories of real life social enterprises and debate with other learners about the nature of ethical business.

Some of the other learning outcomes include:

  • Defining the values and purpose of a social enterprise to better understand where it sits in relation to the corporate and voluntary sector
  • Using tools and resources to help you plan for and assess the potential of social enterprise ideas
  • Examining the range of organisational and legal structure available to social enterprises to comprehend the variety of types of social enterprise

This program is for local community leaders and practitioners, business leaders, education leaders, social entrepreneurs, councillors and cross departmental council staff.


Rural Councils Victoria Project

Over the next three years ACRE is working in partnership with Rural Councils Victoria (RCV) to deliver Understanding Social Enterprise workshops across the 38 RCV member councils. These facitlaited workshops deliberately bring together cross sector leaders from government, community, education and business to learn about social enterprise. These workshops have been incredibly successful and are currently being rolled out across the state. Check out these videos and hear from some of our workshop participants so far:

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