As part of the Social Enterprise in Schools (SEiS) program in the North East, business is booming for the Whitty Workers Car Wash & Café.  Students at the Whitfield Primary School are one of eleven schools involved in the pilot program this year and have spent the last few months researching a suitable business idea and social cause that they can support. With the closest car wash over 50km away, students decided a car wash & café would benefit the community and could prove to be a viable business for the area. For 5 weeks now the business has been up and running, with money now in the bank and the profits allowing them to purchase new products for the business.  The students themselves are responsible for the business planning and have already been reviewing operations regularly to ensure they improve the quality, efficiency and performance of the business on a regular basis.

Students involved in this program at Whitfield Primary School have demonstrated a number of important learning’s including development of critical thinking & leadership skills, enterprise and employability skills, financial and literacy skills, global citizenship and the traits of being entrepreneurial (Resilience, influencing, creativity, identifying need, self-reflection, communication, confidence, and product development).  Through the development of the business plan students have also investigated the  ‘ethical purchasing’ of products such as coffee, the importance of supporting local businesses, the diary crisis and environmental impacts of purchases and water usage.

The profits from the Whitty Workers Car Wash & Cafe will go to supporting ‘LifeStraw’s’ work in Kenya and help provide money needed to provide clean drinking water for communities in Africa.