ACRE is working with a number of schools across the region as part of the Social Enterprise in Schools Teacher Toolkit and Curriculum Co-Design Team.  The team, a combination of teachers and students from six schools, will be assisting with the development of teacher resources for the program that align with the Victorian Curriculum Foundation – 10.  The intent of aligning the toolkit to the curriculum is to make it easier for teachers to teach and assess the progression of student learning.  We have commissioned Interface2Consulting to lead this project and we will be working closely with the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) throughout the process.

To kick off the project this year ten students from five different schools (primary and secondary) recently collaborated for the day and took on the role of being co-designers, taking up the challenge of demonstrating how we might make it easier for schools to own and show what value the Social Enterprise in Schools program is creating.

The students and teachers who participated in the day demonstrated a great passion for social enterprise and this approach to learning. They brought great energy to the day, a sense of curiosity, open-mindedness and creativity. Their contributions will be acknowledged formally in ACRE’s new social enterprise in schools teacher toolkit, which ACRE will share with all schools in the program here and overseas.