Stories of Change

ACRE is working with schools, organisations, agencies and enterprises in more than 30 communities across Australia and our reach is growing.

Our Wide Horizons program seeks to lift participant aspirations, and provide meaningful opportunities for engagement with their communities. Through Wide Horizons, we’re supporting the next generation to thrive.

Going wild in Mallacoota

We are excited to see signs of new life emerging in Mallacoota – a coastal community in Victoria impacted by bushfire and long term impacts of industry change.

Sew good – breaking a cycle of poverty in Cambodia

A fashion entrepreneur from Melbourne is collaborating with a community centre in Cambodia to develop a social enterprise that will offer safe employment for women and support education programs for local children.

Raven Collective offers gifts of hope

While working from home during a COVID lockdown, a social welfare practitioner from Ballarat decided to create a business solution that could support women at risk.

Building social enterprise know-how and networks

Change maker from rural Victoria explores how social enterprise can create new economic opportunities

From Job Seeker to Job Creator

Globally there is a fundamental shift towards students being supported to become job creators through involvement in entrepreneurial learning. Thanks to a partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy, ACRE offers Social Enterprise Schools across Victoria.

Thamurrurr Indigenous Youth Corporation

In 2018 Social Enterprise Academy Australia for the first time delivered an indigenous learning and development program which was translated in language for the participants.

Bringing new life and business to the ‘Nanny’ pub

In 2018 the Nandaly Community Hotel Committee were looking for a potential new business model for their local pub and meeting point, the Nandaly Hotel, which had been closed for six months due to very difficult and unforeseen circumstances.

Understanding Social Enterprise with Rural Councils Victoria

As a result of the Understanding Social Enterprise learning programs delivered across Victoria, these projects were developed and received support from ACRE, each delivering significant social and economic impacts for the respective rural communities.