17 December 2021 Mary Anne Scully

Teacher from NE Victoria receives national Social Enterprise Schools award

A teacher from North East Victoria is the national winner of  the 2021 ‘Outstanding Teacher Award’ for the Social Enterprise Schools program.

Donna Bigger from Myrtleford P12 College received the prestigious Social Enterprise Academy award in recognition of excellent work throughout the year.

“Donna was the standout Social Enterprise Schools teacher across Australia,” said Peter Sacco from Social Enterprise Academy, who presented the award.

“Donna did a brilliant job of guiding Year 6 students through the Social Enterprise Schools curriculum, creating an enabling environment for them to be able put their ideas into practice.”

Social Enterprise Schools is a student led, hands-on program that empowers young people across the globe to make a difference to causes they care about through running their own social enterprise.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment.

As part of the Social Enterprise Schools program, students are asked what positive difference they would like to make in the world.  They then design, develop and launch a business and begin to trade to their community and all their profits are donated to their chosen charity.

The social enterprises devised by Myrtleford P12 students included Big Boy Boards selling handmade cheese and salami boards; Groovey Tie Dye which made tie dye t-shirts and socks; Body Bomz that made bath bombs and soaps; and Polly Beads which made a broad range of jewellery necklaces and bracelets.

This week Myrtleford P12 College held a school achievement and academic awards assembly to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of students from prep through to year 6. A highlight of the assembly was the presentation of Social Enterprise Schools certificates to Year 6 that recognised their achievements as ‘social entrepreneurs’.

Peter Sacco represented Social Enterprise Academy at the awards assembly.

“These students did a brilliant job creating social enterprises this year,” said Peter.

‘It is exciting to see our future leaders making such a positive contribution to community while leading their own learning.”

Myrtleford P12 College Assistant Principal, Adam Lyndsay praised students for their hard work and tenacity throughout a challenging year.

“Our school joined Social Enterprise Schools three years ago. There’s now a really positive culture of entrepreneurship and working for social purpose embedded in our school community.”

“Myrtleford P12 College students were social enterprise rock stars this year,” concluded Peter Sacco

“Despite a disrupted year, they managed to achieve amazing results with their social enterprises, raising $1,165 for their chosen causes: SurfriderFoundation, Fare Share, Ronald MacDonald House and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.”