What We Do

ACRE exists to build thriving rural communities through igniting entrepreneurship in young people and their communities. There are many challenges facing rural communities and many policies and programs in place to support improved productivity and growth. While important, these policies and programs are yet to realise the change they seek.

Despite significant investment, there remains a chronic lack of entrepreneurship education and support for young people in rural Australia and the communities in which they live. ACRE seeks to address this gap.

Our targeted service offer combines services to build the entrepreneurial capability and capacity of individuals, entities and rural communities.

In just three years, we have:

  • Partnered with the Social Enterprise Academy Scotland to bring its suite of internationally-recognised entrepreneurial learning and development programs to Australia.
  • Successfully piloted the Social Enterprise in Schools program in Victoria’s North East and demonstrated the positive outcomes it delivers through a thorough evaluation of its impact.
  • Created communities of practice to bring government, business, education providers and the community together to encourage entrepreneurship and social enterprise in rural communities.
  • Developed an ecosystem measurement tool that enables communities to measure and develop their entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Over the next three years, ACRE will pursue sustainable, purpose-led growth across Victoria.

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