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Social Enterprise in Schools Program

The Social Enterprise in Schools program is an internationally recognised learning program initiated by the Social Enterprise Academy in Scotland. It has a ten-year track record and evidence base, having worked with 6412 schools and colleges, delivering teacher professional development to 1157 teachers and 91 college lecturers.

The program has now expanded into nine countries and we are leading the delivery of the program in Australia.

What is the Social Enterprise in Schools progam?

The aim of the program is to:

  • Develop an understanding of the social enterprise business model
  • Provide a hands on experience of setting up and running a social enterprise
  • Support curriculum frameworks by providing practical opportunities that encourage participation to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.
  • Builds enterprise, leadership, numeracy, literacy and creative thinking skills
  • Practical, engaging and inclusive learning suitable for any age and ability
  • Builds on strengths and develops confidence
  • Develops students as responsible citizens with more understanding of social justice and the world around them

What does Social Enterprise look like in a school?

CONNECTED TO THE COMMUNITY: School social enterprises have explicit social and/or environmental aims and their profits are used for this purpose. This can either be locally or linked to a community abroad.

ENTREPRENEURIAL: They have a clear trading activity and are directly involved in producing goods or providing services to a market.

LED BY YOUNG PEOPLE: They are driven and run by students with support from teachers ans parents. There will also be an awareness of the social enterprise across the whole school.

DYNAMIC: School social enterprises aspire to make a positive and responsive change to people’s lives.

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