Ecosystem Measurement Tool

Rural communities across the northern hemisphere are rejuvenating themselves through developing a place-based entrepreneurship ecosystem.

An entrepreneurship ecosystem is a network or interconnected systems that support the activity of setting up a business.

Across Australia, many rural and regional communities are facing economic and social decline due to structural economic changes and significant out migration to cities and urban centres.

ACRE and its partners seek to reverse these trends and enliven rural and regional communities through entrepreneurship, using a suite of programs and initiatives. To ensure that these programs and initiatives are well-designed, appropriately positioned and ultimately effective, a clear understanding of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem is required.

Understanding what’s happening within an enterprise ecosystem

Ecosystem measurement allows Councils, organisations and communities to identify and track over time the key elements contributing to the enterprise ecosystem in a region.

ACRE has developed a measurement tool that we use to work with communities to identify and build an understanding about these domains and map change over time.

Our framework that can be applied in a place-based way to understand the indicators required for a community to become agile, resilient and enterprising.

The framework acts as an engagement, strategy and impact measurement tool. The tool has been developed by researching the interconnected ingredients that make rural communities thrive in a sustained way and has been developed using over 100 rural case studies, here and overseas.

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