Social Enterprise Schools

Social Enterprise Schools is a collaborative, hands-on experience that shows young people how to run a business.

“Entrepreneurial education has the potential to improve opportunities for students and youth in regional, rural and remote communities by shifting the focus of education from primarily preparation for employment to creation of employment”

Independent Review into Regional and Remote Education, 2018

ACRE believes enterprise capabilities should be treated with the same respect as numeracy and literacy for all students.

We enable this through Social Enterprise Schools – a program that we developed in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy.

Founded in Scotland, the Social Enterprise Academy is a global learning organisation with hubs in twelve countries. ACRE manages the Social Enterprise Academy in Australia.

About Social Enterprise Schools

Social Enterprise Schools is a practical, student-led experience that develops citizenship and enterprise capabilities.

It empowers young people by equipping them with skills, knowledge and capabilities to drive their own futures in the world of work.

The program brings students, teachers, local entrepreneurs and community leaders together to develop skills, build confidence and make a positive social impact.

Through the process of setting up their own social enterprise, students who join Social Enterprise Schools develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours they will need as they move beyond the school gates.

Why get involved?

To give your students the opportunity to take part in a transformative learning experience that develops key enterprising and employability skills while aspiring to affect ongoing social change in their communities.

Teachers can join professional development for educators and access a toolkit of classroom resources. By working alongside other educators, teachers can develop ideas for bringing social enterprise to your classroom.

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